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Dawn Dalyce

Christian adopted, saved by Jesus, daughter of the living GOD.  Not perfect by a long shot, but forgiven.
Mom, adopted mom, step mom,  mom in law to 11.   Grandma to 13.  Happily married to Captain Ron Posey aka Mr. Entertainer.  Constant servant to several pets and many, many  potted plants. 

CEO/ Consultant / Sales Manager   Dawn Dalyce Enterprises
President CEO www.BetterBreeders.com 

Hobbies include gardening, plant collection and propagation, Modesto Garden Club, UC Davis Master Gardening Program,  pet keeping, sailing, travel, reading, koi and goldfish, show dog exhibitor, animal rescue foster,  volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I tend to be a workaholic.  I love to play Facebook games while I watch TV.  www.facebook.com/dawn.dalyce  

Volunteer Service:

1.  UC Davis Master Gardener:  Volunteer time at schools, and fairs and such teaching people about all aspects of gardening, and plant health.     sjmastergardeners.ucdavis.edu

2. Modesto Garden Club:  Board of Directors, work in City Gardens, Downtown Pots, and on  Garden Tours. Decorating tables for the Elegant Luncheons at Del Rio Country Club. Leader budding Gardeners group, editor Newsletter.  This is the biggest Garden Club in the USA approximately 515 members.  www.modestogardenclub.org

3.  Love4Life Animal Rescue:  Everything from boarding rescued animals for City Shelters, while they go through court, and getting them healthy and handing them out to other rescues for adoptions, to rescuing animals of all types, at various times.  I do a lot less of this now that we have moved to town as I can't board.

Mottos:   I'd rather wear out than rust out.   If it's to be, it's up to me.  Be brave, tell the truth. Treat others as you would have others treat you.  Your talents are God's gift to you, what you do with them are your gift to God.  It's easier to tell the truth right off, there is a lot less to remember that way.  One job/income is rarely enough for the lifestyle you want. 

Past experience include top 2% Realtor/ Broker Associate 18 years, Senior Mortgage Agent, New Home Subdivision Manager
Platinum MLM builder Jewelway International, Herbalife Supervisor 
Insurance Agent Allstate 
Sales employment in Solar, Water Conditioning,  Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Mobile Homes
Ambulance Medic
Back office Pediatric Nurse 
Waitress and Bartender 

Phone  209-596-3330  (texts are great)
dawndalyce@yahoo.com   I don't check email every day. 
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